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I am proud to be a member of the following clubs! 

Canadian Kennel Club

Dartmouth Kennel Club

Atlantic Labrador Retriever Club

East Coast Sighthound Association



Looking for more information?

Here are some great places to start!


Health Testing

What health testing is being done by responsible breeders? Check Orthopedic Foundation for Animals; they will show you the recommended health tests by breed



Looking for events to participate in or watch? Check out Canuck Dogs for performance events - rally, obedience, drafting, herding, hunt tests, lure coursing, scent detection, tracking and more! 



Holli & I offer ring-side handling services at conformation dog shows, please visit the "shows" pages for more information including schedule of shows we will be attending. Although my mother groomed dogs for many years, I did not take up that art, so it is not something I can help with !

We are a distributor for
Mes Amis Collars & Leashes !

Model 21.jpg
Model 7.jpg

Gallery of photos below !


Mes Amis Product Info


Manufacturing components:

All snap hooks, welded o-rings and welded d-rings are nickel plated zinc dye cast for strength and have a polished smooth finish. Buckles and glides are molded with high quality acetal plastic. The thread used is a heavy bonded poly that has superior strength and flexibility. It is UV light resistant and is not subject to mildew. All hardware, webbing and thread used in Mes Amis Products is made in the USA.


KENNEL LEADS: Used instead of a leash and collar combination. Lead slips around dogs neck for use without collar; used primarily by vets, breeders and show dog / performance dog owners for quick trips, not long walks.


KENNEL COMBO’S: Kennel lead with a “soft choke” attached, used as a leash/collar combination; provides more security than kennel lead with the same ease of use. 

Pretty in pink - Miss Savvy
Pretty in pink - Miss Savvy

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Thank you Kaitlin for the photo !
Thank you Kaitlin for the photo !

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Beautiful Trio !
Beautiful Trio !

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Pretty in pink - Miss Savvy
Pretty in pink - Miss Savvy

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