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A special kind of love...

CFC Elite / BOSS GCh Stonerose Pushing The Limits RN CD CGN HIC HIT
Loved by Holli Murphy (& anyone who met him) Bred by Marcia McNaughton

Sebastian's personality was larger than life, just like him!


He was always the "class clown" stealing everything from a hair brush or shower cap to slippers or door stops


The romantic crush he and Lina shared was apparent to anyone who saw them play together


His love for the ring, whether it be conformation or obedience always amazed me


Strong enough to be a guard dog, and gentle enough to play with baby chicks

I called him my steady eddy....because he was...


Brains, brawn and complete versatility....and lucky enough to have a mom who utilized each

Gentle soul, giant heart, and endless love for "his people"


I could list the endless ways I will miss him...but I would rather share a few of my favourite moments with anyone taking the time to read this....I hope these pictures makes you smile....because we certainly shared many laughs and adventures capturing these special moments...

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