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My husband Ian and I live in Nine Mile River, Nova Scotia where we share our home with our three Greyhounds and Chocolate Labrador.

Our 13 year old Labrador, Baloo, is the senior of the house. He was the perfect fit and our first dog we bought as a couple. He is special in so many ways as he was my introduction to conformation dog shows and the many wonderful friendships I treasure today.   

Our ten year old Blue Brindle girl Lina was the start of something special. She was the beginning of our relationship with Melanie & Jack Steele and Rindi Gaudet, GrandCru Greyhounds in South Carolina. We feel blessed to have them refer to us as “GrandCru Canada” and enjoy our visits with them at their home or at dog shows.  Our family relationship with them and their beautiful dogs is something we cherish.

Lucca, a second pretty blue brindle girl came to stay with us after finishing her Championship with Rindi in the US. She finished here in Canada and her clown type personality made her too hard to part with, so she became a permanent Canuck !  Keene is the youngest at four years old. He is a handsome blue fawn whose outgoing charismatic personality has us smitten. He finished his Canadian Championship at 11 mths old and is currently working on his Agility and Rally skills for 2022 !


I have always loved dogs and am thankful to say they were always present in my life. There were many breeds around while growing up, Old English Sheepdogs (that my mom use to show and breed), English Springer Spaniels, English Setters, Labrador Retrievers, and a Scottish Deerhound.

I have been successfully handling conformation dogs for the past 12 years and have participated in Obedience, Rally Obedience, Lure Coursing, and Scent Detection with my own dogs! My weekdays are spent in the office at Eastern Fence and weekends are filled with local dog events, 5km runs or finding fun activities to do with friends and family!


I am lucky to be able to participate in a sport that has created many close friendships, and one that I continue to enjoy so much.  Best wishes to anyone reading this; look forward to seeing you at many of our great local dog events!


The Greyhound, the great hound, the graceful of limb

Long fellow, smooth fellow, rough fellow and slim.

You can travel o’er the earth, can sail o’er the sea

But you will not find one more ancient than he

-          Author Unknown

Labrador Retriever ~ The breed is noted for its love of retrieving and water, for its excellent nose, soft mouth, intelligence and personable temperament.

  ~There is no more devoted companion~