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Welcome friends


My husband Ian and I live in Nine Mile River, Nova Scotia where we share our home with our four Greyhounds.


In 2008 we welcomed sweet chocolate Labrador Baloo into our family. He was our first commitment as a couple, and the foundation of many wonderful friendships we cherish today. He provided a constant source of happiness in our lives. He was a gentle, old soul, whose tail thump brought such joy for fifteen and a half years!

We purchased our first Greyhound in 2009. Aero ‘Arghandab’s Peekableu’ a blue brindle / white male from Robert Greene (Breeders: Andre Fairfield, Robert Greene) and were lucky to share ten wonderful years with him.  


Our Blue Brindle girl Lina was the start of something special. She was the beginning of our relationship with Melanie & Jack Steele and Rindi Gaudet, GrandCru Greyhounds in South Carolina. We feel blessed to have them refer to us as “GrandCru Canada” and enjoy our visits with them at their home or at dog shows.  Our family relationship with them and their beautiful dogs is something we cherish.


We welcomed our second blue brindle girl Lucca in the spring of 2016. She was such a clown and the world's best snuggler! We were truly heartbroken losing her early in 2024.

In 2018 our handsome blue fawn boy Keene came to live with us! He was quick to finish his Championship, and excelled in all things he tried. 

In August of 2018 I was fortunate enough to attend the Sighthound Festival in Donaueschingen, Germany, and the World Dog Show in Amsterdam, Netherlands with Melanie and Rindi. The experience was incredible for a variety of reasons, and I am thankful to have been a part of it, including being at the end of the lead for several different dogs at the Sighthound Festival and World Dog Show !

This good fortune continued in 2022 with a trip to Camberley, England with my mom to attend our first Greyhound World Congress being held in conjunction with Greyhound Club UK. This was a wonderful opportunity to share conversation with long standing Greyhound enthusiasts we respect. 


From those wonderful occasions, we have formed another special relationship with Ina Koulermou & Olaf Knauber (Ina’s Fashion Greyhounds) , and welcomed Gala ‘Ina’s Fashion Graceful’ into our home October 2022. 


I have been competing in conformation shows for the past thirteen years and have also participated in Obedience, Rally Obedience, Lure Coursing, Sprinter Trials, Agility and Scent Detection with my own dogs for fun! These sports have formed some of my closest friendships that I value to this day. 


Best wishes to anyone reading this; look forward to seeing you out at a local dog event!


The Greyhound, the great hound, the graceful of limb

Long fellow, smooth fellow, rough fellow and slim.

You can travel o’er the earth, can sail o’er the sea

But you will not find one more ancient than he

-          Author Unknown

Labrador Retriever ~ The breed is noted for its love of retrieving and water,  for its excellent nose, soft mouth, intelligence and personable temperament.

  ~There is no more devoted companion~

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